Hostel Type: Self Contain  Status: Available
 Description:  A beautiful self contain hostel with modern facilities including borehole, fulll tiles, well painted, well fenced, running water system, wardrobe, standby generating set and a change over for each room
 Distance: 0-10 Minutes  Bedroom: 1

 Bathroom: 1 Not Shared  Toilet: 1 Not Shared
 Preferred Ocuppant:  Students  Available Units: 0
 Views: 224  Duration: 1 Year
 Keys:  Receivable Upon Successful Booking
Here is the detailed information about this AAUA Self Contain at Permanent Site Akungba Akoko For Rent, you can also find and get a list of other top hostels or students' apartments in Permanent Site that match your desired hostel in Akungba Akoko . For further enquires on top self contain hostels in Adekunle Ajasin University Please contact us via email (support@offkrent.com) or call 08137820379.

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Self Contain/ Dorm/ Condo: This type among Permanent Site Akungba Akoko AAUA hostels is an apartment with private kitchen, bathroom and toilet. This type of hostel is good for privacy. Especially when you are an introvert or you just want to be alone and avoid distractions
₦ 70,000
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  Running Water




  Security Door

  Well Tiled

  Well Painted



  Standby Generator


100 / 100


85 / 100


97 / 100

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70,000 Per 1 Year

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